Saturday, 24 May 2014

Why voting UKIP may be the most hypocritical decision an Englishman can make

Vote for whomever you wish but be influenced by facts not propaganda. 

And Know that "I am going to vote UKIP or BNP" is a slap in the face to all of us from Immigrant heritage. A slap in the face to all of those people who drive 'your' buses, work in 'your' hospitals, serve you in 'your' shops, clean 'your' schools, streets, restrooms etc etc and generally keep this great country ticking over; not to mention all of the other hard work so called immigrants do.

So stop and think....

Think about how difficult your life would be if someone who wasn't born here wasn't working to serve you in some capacity. 

Think about when you watch sports and you cheer for the likes of Raheem Sterling, Mo Farah, Kevin Pieterson, Bradley Wiggins, Chris Jordan and the countless people from immigrant heritage. 

Think about how immigrants contribute more to the economy than they take in benefits. Think about how more entrepreneurs are migrants. 

Think about how 1 in 7 companies are set up my migrants. Think about how history has taught us that blaming minorities and immigrants for your countries problems only leads to extremism and a divided nation. 

"One in seven new companies in Britain is set up by migrants. Shamefully, the migrant labour force creates roughly twice as many entrepreneurs as does the British-born population. Those who complain that migrants are stealing their jobs may very well end up working for them"  Telegraph

Think about how 100s of thousands of British people leave the country each year to seek a new life. Yet, you complain about people trying to do the same here. 

Finally, do your OWN research don't be influenced by youtube videos, memes and scaremongering. If you haven't got the ability to read and comprehend something you supposedly are so passionate about then maybe that's why you are afraid some "foreigner" will take your job. Improve your life rather than deny someone the chance to improve theirs.

The image of someone coming here to leach off our benefits is grossly exaggerated. You don't leave your home, family and way of life to come and sit on your arse. People are trying to better themselves, earn a new life for their family and have a fresh start.

Example; my granddad was born in Jamaica, he came to England at 17. He has lived and worked in Britain longer than i have been alive. As a carpenter he was one of the many men and women who helped rebuild this country. His contribution to Britain far exceeds my own and i was born here. 

Yet you blame them so called "immigrants for the countries problems. Forgetting that you applaud those who make too much money but do too little. You allow those who bleed the country financial dry through not paying their fair share of taxes; through having far more than they need and you vote for people who don't use any of the services they are cutting because they are rich enough to go private...

Society is broken because we blame the wrong people and don't want to look deep and hard at ourselves!

Turns out i did lecture you... But some people need to have an opposite perspective presented to them.

Thank you for reading

If you like this please share and spread the knowledge; be the change you want to see

Antoine Allen

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