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Why i feel sorry for Dapper Laughs? Is he really the devil?

Dapper Laughs’ season 2 has been cancelled by ITV. Its critics have questioned and criticized Dapper Laughs’ vulgar, sexual charged and women orientated humor. Even to the extent that it has been claimed that he is inciting violence against women.

The question becomes is Dapper Laughs the personification of evil? Or is he merely a reflection of the true dark humor that lives inside the mind of seemingly a lot of young men?

Popularity: Dapper Laugh has 1,722,750+ likes on Facebook and countless more on Twitter, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram. Statistically, Dapper laughs has more fans on social media than the combined total of likes for three main British Political Parties of The Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats and Labor Party. So, is that a statement about his influence/legitimacy or merely the popularity and demographic of the Internet? We will see.

Dapper Laughs is the controversial character or as some have said alias created by comedian Daniel O’Reilly. Daniel took Dapper Laughs from 10 seconds vines to 30minute ITV2 Television show. However, in process Dapper Laughs went from the unregulated and uncensored world of the internet to the scrutiny, regulations and television standards that are a by product of the TV licensing fee.

In the unregulated social media world Dapper Laughs was able to resonate with section of male and most likely at least some female views humor. Not every joke he posted was about rape or even women. Often he would simply do puns, mini pranks and general ‘Ladish’ behavior. So, really if we are honest with ourselves, Dapper laughs is the personification of how seemingly a lot of young men think or at least what they find funny. If the Internet is true for one thing; it is that in order for anything to become popular someone somewhere has to watch, read and share it.

Looking at my own Facebook, some 200 of my friends liked Dapper Laughs’ Facebook page; at least 40% of those were women. Also, I asked myself how many women were in the room when On The Pull Dapper Laughs was initially made and commissioned? Well, the production companies attributed for the show were Hungry Bear Media and Big Minded; I can’t say if there were or are women who gave the go ahead from the ITV end of commissioning the show; however, at least one of owners of Big Minded production is a woman. Does that make his content more or less offensive to women? Or can the pursuit of rating cause both sexes to make morally questionable decisions?

Dapper Laughs on BBC Newsnight
Or even, could it be that Dapper Laughs has become the scapegoat for a lad culture and Internet culture that Britain/The world does not want to admit to? Think about what happens and is shared on social media every second of each day. We have created an Internet with little regard for morals and respect for others; with the primary pursuit of likes, retweets and shares. Racism, sexism and bigotry are crammed into 10s videos or memes for the pursuit of popularity and laughs. The line between a “joke” and someone’s true feelings has and is becoming increasingly more difficult to tell. The old saying that behind every joke is a little bit of truth is no more so apparent than on social media.

This is why during Daniel O’Reilly’s Newsnight interview I actual felt sorry for him. Although his outfit made him look like he should have span round on his chair to reveal his evil plot to take over the world. His admission of guilty and somewhat defense of himself suggested that he was remorseful. Was that due to the 60,000 signatures for the removal of his show? The backlash on social media? The Loss of potential stardom and income? His abrupt dismissal from the TV world( at least for the time being)? Or was Daniel O’Reilly sincere in his statement that Dapper Laughs the character was no more?

If we are honest with ourselves in our hearts we know he isn’t an advocate of rape. He isn’t the enemy of the homeless or the personification of evil. He is a “lad” who took the jokes he might have told his mates in the pub and told them to the World Wide Web. A World Wide Web that "blew up as he says himself". This then led to ITV seeking to bring some views to a channel that no one really cares about to think  “lets see if we can take this internet phenomenon and stretch it out for 30 minutes; to get some much needed viewership”.
Only last week ITV defended the show by saying ““Dapper’s pulling tips are firmly based on treating women with respect and speaking to them in the right way and this is the message he gives to all the singles on the show during the series. We realize that all humor is subjective and accept that Dapper’s humor is more risqué but feel that his unique brand of banter and brash charm is neither sexist or degrading to women and that his approach to pulling is based on displaying the right attitude to women in order to succeed.” Yet the show was cancelled days later. Due to Daniel trying to explain this point to his comedy audience in what can only be describe as true “dapper Laughs’ fashion “If [my ITV show] was a f*cking guide to rape, I would have done one five-minute episode, come on and go ‘Oi oi, I’m Dapper Laughs, go down the shops, get some rope, bit of duct tape, rape the b—h, well done, see you later.” After a back and fourth with a female from the audience he then says “she’s gagging for a raping”. Which was the final nail in the coffin of his TV career/show. ITV looking to distance themselves for this commissioning faux pas they then through Daniel under the bus. Without tackling the wider issues of programming and the views/opinions of his fans. Why not put on a live debate for both sides to come to an understand?
The cancellation of Dapper laughs symbolizes the major difference and risk of taking Internet sensation and placing their content on to Mainstream media. The uncensored and world of the internet allows such “banter” to flow. However, once you appear in people’s living rooms unrequested and paid for by Ad/TV licence revenue some media training, censorship and morality has to be installed. Think about it, if someone sits down one evening to watch their TV, they begin to flick through their channels and land upon a show that they deem not fit for viewing. Yes they can switch off; but they have paid their TV license too; so deserve to not be offended by what they see.
Whereas, on the Internet that same person would need to search to find that same content or they could even actively avoid finding if they do so wish. More importantly, its free! and not taking up 30minutes of a TV schedule that could be devoted to quality broadcasting. With that said, it then leads to the question is the out of sight out of mind world of unregulated social media a compromise? Strangely yes, because it enables people to challenges these views openly. Rather than, allowing them to fester in the jokes between lads or friends. Through open conversation people can say “this offends me because…”. I would rather someone spoke or even joked about their true feelings so I can challenge them, rather than they snigger behind my back. As I have said Dapper Laughs is only the personification of how some people think, laugh and act.

The aim of a joke is not to degrade the human being, but to remind him that he is already degraded George Orwell

So, in short, some have simply said the show really wasn’t that funny and would have been terminated anyway. Personally, I believe true comedy has a point to make. Along with, some element of satire that eventually educates the audience. It doesn’t compound stereotypes or attack the same group of people show after shower; nor does it alienate a section of the audience. Through making them feel needlessly embarrassed, a victim of ridicule or unsure of their safety. The Mainstream media needs to entertain, educate and break down stereotypes rather than compound them.

With that said did Dapper Laughs aim to remind people of the degrading women face or was it a tool of further degrading? Sadly it was degrading to women. A lot of his jokes echoed the thoughts of an element of society rather than challenging them. Daniel himself as admits getting carried away pandering to the wants of this young male demographic.
In conclusion, Dapper Laughs wasn’t and isn’t satire, some of its laughs were born from the lowest form of comedy and brought nothing new or exciting to the world of comedy. If his jokes were of a similar tone about Black people or minorities it wouldn’t have been commissioned at all. However, with the new publicity it has received Dapper Laughs will fall or potentially rise into cult history. Those who didn’t know who Dapper Laughs was will surely know now. And As for Daniel O’Reilly he isn’t evil but merely the posted child for the Lad’s Bible type humor that is and will continue to sweep the internet.

So in short, it is easy to judge one man. Rather than look at the demographic that spawns and supports such humour.  

FYI this self banning or retirement will only make dapper laughs eventual return more popular...

As usual i am interested to hear your opinions. Was ITV right to cancel the show? Is Dapper Laughs for or not? Does it deserve a second chance?

As usually feel free to comment below. All discussion is welcome!

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