Friday 8 August 2014

Most annoying question people who don't work in a office get asked! Why don't you have a "proper" job?

What is a job? You could simple say it's something that earns you an income i.e. money. However, some people give more weight to some jobs over others. Deeming some professions as not being "proper". Leading people to judge you. Leading people to underestimate your intelligence. Which can often lead you to doubt your path, your dream and yourself!

Who decides this jobs hierarchy?...
A Politician could say well i run the country. 
A Lawyer could say well i keep you in check.
A Doctor could say well i keep you both healthy.
A architect could say well i designed the building we are having this debate in. 
A Builder could say well i brought those designs to life.
A Policeman could say well i protect all of you and this building.
A Journalist could say well i told the people about this meeting and all of you.
An Actor could say well i entertained you when you finished work. 
A teacher could then say well i taught every single one of you.
In the end our jobs have a synergy, where each enables the other. Where each fulfils a need or a want in human society. We all have a role to play.

To us the life of creative and non-officer/9 to 5 workers is one of ups and downs. Its sitting next to the phone, email and Laptop waiting for that casting, audition, play, booking, shoot, film role, press launch, etc etc.

Society judges us by titles and superficial things. Often people see pictures and assume/Stereotypes about you. 
Most of us are more than just our job. 
Most of us are more than just our level of education. 
But people assume because you don't wear a suit everyday or work in an office that you don't lead a "proper" job or you lack intelligence. Yet a lot of the most intelligent, opinionated and eloquent people I have known never set foot in a university or don't own a suit/ nice dress. 
Some careers follow unconventional pathways of chasing an aspiration whilst trying to survive. This leads you to do the odd job that often is not your dream but enables you to keep pursuing your dreams. 

Whereas, some people lead lives where they are simply happy; they don't have expensive cars or money to waste spraying alcohol on each other but they do go home each day satisfied. 
Whereas others work in jobs they dislike but it provides them with the income to do the things that make them happy or buy the things that do. 
Finally, some people's dreams are achieved before others; they work in a job they love. Plus, the pay enables them to also buy/do the things they love. They are a minority in the work place! 

They say "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life"; however, most people don't get a chance to do what they love. Yet, it doesn't stop people from pursing those dreams and hope to do what they love one day! 
This is the nature of man; "horses for courses". We each do what best suits us. What best fits our worldview, hopes, dreams, commitments and confidence. 

To the the dream chasers...

It's a non linear employment; self-employment, Self drive, Self improvement and Self belief.

It doesn't follow the 9-5 monotony of regular employment.
It doesn't follow the i hate Mondays routine.
The waiting for the weekend routine.
Or the " i hate my job because in my heart i know i gave up my dreams to play it safe" routine.

It is the the last reason that is the provocation for the judgment. People who have achieved their dreams straight away or have given up on them often lack the empathy for those still living or chasing their dreams. They don't understand that to land that big job of consistent employment, you have to survive whilst waiting. So yeah, sometimes they may see you on the street handing out leaflets, samples or dancing in an unknown artists music video. They forget these bills aren't going to pay themselves. They forget that we much like them still have responsibilities and obligation. We are just the same as them; trying to survive and be happy. Except our survival is to enable us to keep chasing that dream. Keep applying ourselves every minute of everyday to "making it". So we can write that Facebook status or tweet "Finally landed, booked or got signed for the.... ".

I say what happens to those people if they lose their job? If they tie their self worth so tightly to their profession? Do they cease to be a "proper" and "worthy" person if they unemployed? Or is it as i believe, that we are more than the way we make money. We are more than the title on our CV. Or in my opinion all jobs would be unworthy when compared to those who teach our children(education professionals) or help us when we are sick(medical professionals).

So let us start valuing the dream, the ambition and the courage of people. 

Dreams and ambition come in many forms; some are complex and lofty. Some are simply having a home, family that loves you and enough money in your pocket to survive and then some. Courage can be pursuing that dream to reach the mountain top. Courage can also be excepting that you have to put your family over personal ambition or glory; not settling but accepting your role as the hero of your own household. We all make courageous decision in what we do in life. Let us respect each other's journey.

For the dreams and the believers; keep chasing those dreams. Sometimes you reach your destiny in record time. Most of the time you hit speed bumps along the way. You trip, you fall but it is up to you to get up and continue. Don't let temporary defeat knock your confidence in everlasting glory. Don't let a lack of support make you forget that your own spine, your own legs and your own mind are strong enough to carry you to your goals. You have the power to turn dreams into reality; be patient, be dedicated and keep believing!

That's all i have to say about that. 

I found this poem that Erykah Badu reads at the end of window seat:

"They play it safe are quick to assassinate  what they do not understand

They move in packs  ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another

They feel most comfortable in groups less guilt to swallow 

They are us 

This is what we have become 

afraid to respect the individual"

A single person within a circumstance can move one to change 

to love herself

to evolve"

So, What's your opinion? is your job worthy? are other people's jobs less worthy? What is your dream? 

As usually feel free to comment below. All discussion is welcome!

Antoine Allen
"The three 3 c's  of life; choice, chance and change. You have to make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to change"



    1. That really great. Keep striving for personal and career growth. Good luck on your journey