Thursday 13 November 2014

Kim Kardashian is a Marketing Genius; She sold sand to the beach and we all bought it

If Kanye West thinks he is a Musical Genius then his Wife is a Marketing Genius.
Think about it? During ‘The Fappening’, celebrity women’s bodies were snatched up on social media faster than when a child throws a completed deck of Pokemon cards in the air in a school playground and shouts “Scramble,”; frantically, immaturely and with little regard for who gets hurt in the process.

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Antoine Allen

"The three 3 c's  of life; choice, chance and change. You have to make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to change"

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  1. Quite enjoy reading your perspective and these blog posts. You offer something different antoine. Many 'fitness models' that are popular on social media don't have much to offer but their looks. It's refreshing to follow someone who doesn't just follow what's 'popular' and offer a blasé opinion to keep their RT's and like numbers up. You offer an insightful perspective which encourages your followers to challenge themselves and their views. I myself often feel somewhat educated and motivated by your posts. Keep it up. Ps. Your link to @AntoineSpeakson above is leading to someone else's twitter page. You might want to address that.

    1. Many Thanks for commenting. 27k views and no one else commented lol. Also, many many thanks for your kind words and show of appreciation. I do try to offer something different to the internet and debate. A perspective on society that reflects a somewhat open mind. Or atleast a mind willing to access all angles before coming to a conclusion but often merely asking more questions for people to think about. FYI i am not a fitness model. I am a presenter; i love fitness it is my lifesstyle. I just happened to do sports modelling part time as well. So i share the little knowledge i have. Life has afforded me fun and knowledgable sporting experiences. So i am to enable people to achieve a healthy body so they can keep a health mind. I try to get that across in my tweets. Lifting weights is more beneficial if it allows you to live a fuller life outside of the gym. Thanks for the spot on the twitter link; that would have long gone unnoticed. Thanks again for comment and supporting me. please share this post if you can

  2. Good article, i have to spend time to read more of your blog, i think people would comment but the need to login might put off people not everybody has a wordpress, live journal, AIM and the rest that were listed, a good blog should be accessible to all and thats means leaving comments, of course you will get trolls but most times we just look at the constructive and good comments. I like the article and i will try and follow, good going with the blog

    1. Hi thank you for taking the time to comment. I wasn't actually aware that people had to login into to be able to comment. I have now changed that setting, so anyone will be able to comment. Thanks for the feedback and checking out my other posts. Your commentt has been very helpful

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