Wednesday 19 February 2014

What if the gender roles of society were reversed? This film depicts the sexism women face

In a world, where the perceived roles and socially acceptable behaviour of women and men are reversed; this french film explores the sexual inequality and harassment that women face.

The film tackles the stereotypical interactions between men and women. The language we use when conversing with each other. Whereby a compliment can soon turn to vulgarity. The offering of a helping hand can be seen as a perceived assumption of a woman's 'weakness' or inability to help herself.

However, the most eye opening and poignant theme of the film, is the role clothing plays in gender politics. How the perception of what is and isn't provocative differs from men to women. For instance, the perception in clothing or lack of clothing is first portrayed in joviel manner; with  a 'woman' enjoying a toplesss run in the sunshine. Many Men and myself take this simple summer activity for granted.

However, in the sweltering heat the 'man' is harassed for wearing shorts and slightly unbuttoning his shirt. Even after being sexually assaulted, the blame is attributed  to the 'man's' clothing. With his own wife stating his clothing is too provocative rather than rightly blaming the criminal intentions of his attackers.

Clothing is symbolic of the different judgements Men and Women face. Whereby a man is free to express his confidence or inhibition with his own body through a lack of clothing. Whereas, a woman is unjustly judged on what she wears and the reaction it could provoke. A women becomes a prisoner to what the masculine society deems is acceptable for her to wear.

What are you thoughts? Is this a fair reflection of the difficulties women face? Is there still a masculine world or is there now more equality?

Comment below you opinions.

Here is the film

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